Sea Ranch

Oscar Inner Light Weight Down Jacket - Dark Navy

€ 159

Do you want to be ready on all the days of the year, at the same time be practical and avoid to have too many jackets hanging in the closet?

Oscar jacket, allows you to get 3 jackets in one! The innerjacket is a lightweight down jacket that you will be able to quickly pack together. Find our Oscar Outer jacket that is made of polyester, and prevents wind from breaking through. A combination of these two jackets is done by click effect - now you have one down jacket for the cooler nights, a polyester jacket for the windy days, and one overall jacket to keep you warm and smart at the same time.

Color: Dark Navy
Quality: 100% Polyester
Washing instructions: Wash your down jacket on a mild program or wool program. Use detergent intended for down, wool or silk. Never use fabric softener. Down jackets / vests have the best of being dried in a dryer, along with 2-3 tennis balls.


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